Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Modular building

 Just a quick project following a tutorial from good fun and worth a look for creating your background scene objects will update again as I progress.

All textures and materials in now.. I had a play with the lighting based from the blue bounce light from the floor giving a more scifi look variation.

Ok textures pretty much done there are a few tweeks needeed like under the arches but then time to create all the materials spec normal etc and after that lighting :)

Texture sheets 2x2048

Specular based off diffuse

A BW map used to generate a more crisp punchy Normal map

Normal map

One thing of note things that are rotated on the texture sheet will need to separated then rotated to their correct position and generated separately created in Shadermap Pro (Acheaper crazybump:)) separately and then recombined later. 

Diffuse map

Max Modular exampl building piece this is comprissed of many smaller sections.

Image taken from the great texture site

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