Monday, 3 January 2011

Environment objects for the Warhammer Warpub scene.

 After finishing the Warpub model I wanted to learn more about UDK and its tools so decided to create an environment for the building to go in...

The Concept

 After creating a reference/mood board I created a quick concept covering the layout and mood I wanted for the scene.

 This then gave me a clearer idea on what objects needed to be created and rough scale. It also was useful to plan what objects could be instanced to fill the scene.

Objects and scene elements

Generic Barrel

The first object I tackled was the favourite in FPS games the generic barrel again modelled in XSI in 3 sections and sculpted in Mudbox. After creating the textures I did a quick test against the emissive light to see how the normal map was working OK.

Later when finalising the textures I think the wood parts the door and barrels need a little de saturation...
Wooden cart

Next I tackled the cart using the same method as the warpub building remembering to add smoothing edges before subdividing!! to make sculpting easier in Mudbox.

I only exported half of the elements needed for mudbx as these can be duplicated and the repetition removed in the texture.


Testing the rendermap results the handles lost some detail when generating the maps but I will resolve this with Crazybump.
 Also the emissive material was a worry so had to be tested and textured now Im happy with the results created with an RGB Mask emissive specular texture. It looks a bit weird too with all the windows being lit so will amend the final texture when detailing.
 The scene so far now I have tested each element and material in the scene and pretty much got it to where I want it I will continue to construct all the final scene objects and could do with some trees!!

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