Sunday, 10 October 2010

James Morgan Final Masters Project, NCCA 2010

James Morgan Final Masters Project, NCCA 2010 from James Morgan on Vimeo.
My aim was to create a film that draws the viewer in making them feel fearful using game style techniques. I wanted to produce it like an in game cut scene with medium poly character 1k textures and alpha hair and baking things like ambient occlusion into the textures I also used the Mocap facility to capture the dancers eerie movements.

 The character was first modelled in XSI and zbrush then retopolgised and textured in Photoshop and mudbox. Editing, light and colour were an important consideration to create the correct mood like the silhouette on the wall representing prison bars.

This was also featured on the Autodesk Media and Entertainment Education Showreel 2010

Created & Directed by James Morgan

Music Production by Joe Thwaites (Freak Audio)

Dance Choreography by Anna-Mi Fredrikson

Contact details on end of vid...

Thanks to

Sofronis Efstathiou
Stephen Harper
Adam Twycross
Zhidong Xiao

Qian Qian Liu and students at WG11 at the NCCA

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